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Them Provo boys know how to do it

Posted by frontrangeriffraff on August 31, 2010

Long time, no bloggy. See, last March, after 18 years of hardtail riding, I finally got a full-squish mountain bike, and, well, let’s just say I’ve been riding my ass off.

Anywhoos, the Provo brothers Neil and Ian of the Beehive State known as Utah have been having a pretty epic life. Their videos always get me stoked. You’ll want to watch this sweet schralping action from last season more than once:

2 Responses to “Them Provo boys know how to do it”

  1. Yo – Found your site, as we’re looking for avid skiers, snowboarders, hikers, etc. to field test our new Omni-Heat thermal technology (jackets, boots, etc.) Shoot me an email if you might be interested in participating. We’d love your feedback. Thanks!

  2. freddy said

    wicked air @ 51 sec!!! that’s how ya do it!!!

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